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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Together we grow in God’s love, learning to be the best we can be.

Roles & Responsibilities

Job Description: FOSJ Chair

Our current Chair is shared between Kirsty Jones and Harriet Buckley

Job Description: FOSJ Chair

Our current Chair is shared between Helen Ellis & Debbie Sopala


What the Chair does:

The Chair provides leadership, enthusiasm, energy to the FOSJ committee.  It is the Chairperson’s responsibility to co-ordinate the organisation of all FOSJ events and to liaise regularly with the Head teacher to ensure the FOSJ is working well with the school.  It is a busy role, which requires a goodly dose of commitment but can be an extremely rewarding experience as you get to make a real difference to the school.

In a nutshell the role of the Chair is to: 

  1. Chair FOSJ meetings, ensuring they are effective and that decisions taken at meetings are fair and owned by the committee 
  2. Ensure that FOSJ business is conducted in an open and transparent way and that all relevant documents are posted on the FOSJ website. 
  3. Make sure that FOSJ meeting agendas and minutes are completed and distributed in a timely manner. 
  4. Prepare the FOSJ annual report for the Annual General Meeting. 
  5. Give direction to sub-committees for fundraising events and make sure they prepare accordingly for their events and receive the required support to hold a successful event. 
  6. Welcome and involve everyone at the school into the FOSJ.





Job Description: FOSJ Vice Chair

Our current Vice Chair is Sheron Hynard


What the Vice Chair does:


The support provided by the Vice-Chair is invaluable. Deputising for the Chairperson when necessary, the Vice-Chair helps to ensure that the Committee and all of the events continue to run smoothly.  As with the Chair, leadership, enthusiasm and energy are necessary qualities for this role.


In a nutshell the role of the Vice Chair is to: 

  1. Chair any meetings that the Chair is unable to attend and be involved in, or liaise with the committee and subcommittees organising events. To draw up annual FOSJ programme in consultation with the Chair.
  2. Welcome and involve other parents and careers into the FOSJ.
  3. Lead parent and wider school community engagement in FOSJ (class representatives, use of local contacts and skills).
  4. Prepare with the Chair the FOSJ annual report for the Annual General Meeting.


Job Description: Teacher Champ


Our current Teacher Champ is Katie Linnane:


What the Teacher Champ does:


The Teacher Champ ensures that the teaching staff stays close to the activity that the FOSJ runs.  Their role is to help build a great activity plan for the year that supports the raising of funds and helps build a great community.

In a nutshell the role of the Teacher Champ is to: 


  1. Have an active role in the creation of the FOSJ activity plan for the year, pitching in with ideas and highlighting any pressure points in the school calendar that we should avoid!
  2. Share FOSJ activity with the teaching staff and where relevant get their feedback and support for events
  3. Help rally teacher support at specific and ahead of events so that we build a close partnership between the school and the FOSJ
  4. Support with what money should be raised for and to link back in with teaching staff to share how we are getting on
  5. Attend one FOSJ meeting every half term






Job Description: FOSJ Secretary


Our current Secretary is Katy Doherty



What the Secretary does:


The Secretary ensures that the FOSJ runs smoothly and that actions are followed up. This role requires good organisational and communication skills and being able to stick to deadlines.

In a nutshell the role of the Secretary is to:  


  1. Ensure all arrangements are made for FOSJ meetings. 
  2. Ensure that FOSJ meetings are publicised in advance of the meeting. 
  3. Make sure that FOSJ meeting agendas and minutes are completed and distributed in a timely manner, including publishing on website. 
  4. Take minutes at FOSJ meetings and the Annual General Meeting. 
  5. Assist the Chair, Vice-Chair and Treasurer with specific requests which require formal written correspondence. 
  6. Assist the Chair, Treasurer and sub-committees at fundraising events.
  7. Make sure that the FOSJ obtains and holds the correct and appropriate licences for Fundraising events e.g. licences for the bar and sale of raffle tickets. 
  8. Establish diary dates and keep updated and well-publicised.




Job Description: FOSJ Treasurer

Our current Treasurer is Kasia Woods



What the Treasurer does:

Whilst all Committee members have equal responsibility for the control and management of the FOSJ’s funds, the Treasurer plays an important role in helping the Committee carry out these duties properly. A good understanding of financial issues is key, although there is no need to be a qualified accountant!


In a nutshell the role of the Treasurer is to: 

  1. Manage the accounts, including issuing bills and receipts on behalf of the FOSJ and making payments. 
  2. Prepare and update financial ledgers on a regular basis. 
  3. Complete banking transactions on a regular basis. 
  4. Organise floats for fundraising events, collect and reconcile monies raised at these events and report totals raised. 
  5. Prepare and report financial statements at FOSJ Meetings. 
  6. Prepare a concise Financial Report for the Annual General Meeting. 





Job Description: FOSJ Communications Champ

Our Current Comms Champ is Anna Cox


What the Communications Champ does:

To lead in producing timely communication of FOSJ activity as and when needed.


In a nutshell the role of the Communications Champ is to: 

  1. Communicate to all parents, wider school and community about meetings, news and events via parent mail, flyers, posters, newsletters and website.
  2. Plan and develop termly printed FOSJ newsletter and monthly e-upates
  3. Develop and manage the FOSJ website, ensuring it is up-to-date. 




Job Description: FOSJ Church Champ

Our current Church Champ is Nadine Goodman



What the Church Champ does:

The purpose of this role is to help bring together the school and church community to raise funds but to most importantly build relationships and have some fun!  This role is all about keeping the church and Father Terry in the loop with what is happening and help make sure that FOSJ activity feels inclusive of everyone in our community.


In a nutshell the role of the Church Champ is to: 

1.       Communicate to Father Terry FOSJ activity and agree calendar of events for the church e.g. breakfasts

2.       Agree best way of sharing events FOSJ are running with our parish – mass, newsletter

3.       Actively promote activities in a fun and engaging way

4.       Stay in touch with our parish and make sure the events we run are inclusive of everyone’s needs

5.       Gather feedback and capture ideas on what is working and what we could do better 




Job Description: FOSJ Committee Member

Our current Committee Members are:

Kerry Moscogiuri  Leila.jpg   Siobhan.jpg        Michelle.jpg           

Kerry Moscogiuri Leila Keenan                   Siobhan Long        Michelle Spencer               


What the Committee Members do:

The purpose of this role is to play an active part in making things happen by building relationships with parents and careers.  This role is not just about having great ideas it is about being part of a team who makes things happen by getting others involved.  This is rewarding role as it gives you a fantastic opportunity to get closer to the school and the school community. 


In a nutshell the role of the Committee Member is to: 

  1. Get involved with events; be part of a team of people coming up with ideas, engaging others at the school and making things happen
  2. Actively promote activities in a fun and engaging way
  3. Make sure that events are inclusive of our school and community
  4. Actively promote FOSJ activities among their nominated year group.
  5. Attend FOSJ meetings




Job Description: FOSJ Class Reps

Our current Class Reps are:



Year 1                       Jo Cedron, Sarah McComb and Nicola McNiff

Year 2.                      Lorraine Smith, Laura Johnson and Leila Keenan

Year 3.                      Shelley Ciuffa and Edel Murphy

Year 4.                      Siobhan Long, Helen Ellis and Nadine Goodman

Year 5.                      Claire McCague and Geraldine Lynagh

Year 6.                      Jan Stevens



What the Class Reps do:

In order for the FOSJ to run effectively and ensure a school effort we need Class reps to be established in each year group to communicate direct to parents and careers.  This role is all about being a great communicator, engaging others by listening to their views and sharing ideas with the FOSJ committee.  



In a nutshell the role of the Class Reps is to: 

  1. Rally support and volunteers for FOSJ organised activities from their nominated year group.
  2. Actively promote FOSJ activities among their nominated year group.
  3. Collate and share fundraising ideas to the FOSJ from their nominated year group.
  4. Actively promote the FOSJ Facebook site and encourage other parents within their year group to join in.
  5. Attend, when possible, FOSJ meetings.