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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Together we grow in God’s love, learning to be the best we can be.

Sub committees

The Governing Body operates a number of sub-committees that each report back to the Full Governing Body meetings. The information below outlines those sub-committees and other specific responsibilities.
Premises, Finance, Critical Incident, Health and Safety
Mike Scott (Committee Chair)
Maryrose Brennan (Treasurer)
Sharon Jordan
Ian Coath
Greg Hacksley

Linda Radford

Paula Harvey

Josie Cuffaro
School Improvement (Curriculum, Extended Services and SIP)
Kerry Moscoguiri (Committee Chair)
Katie Linnane
Aileen Lacey
Canon Terry Phipps
Caroline Hartley
Caroline Convey
James Monaghan
Guy Peters
Personnel and Succession Planning
Sharon Jordan (Committee Chair)
Canon Terry Phipps
Maryrose Brennan

Josie Cuffaro
Pupil Disciplinary (exclusions)
Canon Terry Phipps
Caroline Hartley
Sharon Jordan

Josie Cuffaro
Kerry Moscoguiri

Head Teacher Performance Management
Sharon Jordan
Caroline Hartley
James Monahan
Ian Coath
Staff Grievance Committee
Formed as required


Appeals Committee
Formed as required
Equality & Inclusion: Kerry Moscoguiri, Katie Linnane
Safer Recruitment: Sharon Jordan
Governor Development Coordinator: Mike Scott
Swimming Pool Governor: Ian Coath
Child Protection/Children looked after Governor: Kerry Moscoguiri

Playgroup representative: Kerry Moscoguiri
Website maintenance: Ian Coath

Critical Incident: Sharon Jordan

Health and Safety: Ian Coath 

Lettings, Bookings and Extended Services: Mayrrose Brennan

RE link: Canon Terry Phipps

Early Years link: Caroline Hartley

English Link: James Monahan

Science, Computing and Maths link: Caroline Convey

DSP for Child Protection: Katie Linnane

Deputy DSP for Child Protection: Guy Peters

Data Governor: Caroline Convey

Travel Governor: Caroline Convey