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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

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P.E. funding statement

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School's Sport Funding Report

Sport funding is to be spent on improving the quality of sport and PE for all children in St Joseph’s Catholic School.

The sport funding can only be spent on sport and PE provision in schools, and will lead to clear outcomes in raising standards and opportunities in PE and school sport for all children throughout our school.

At St Joseph's Catholic Primary our sport funding is calculated at £8000 + £1050 (£5 x 210 pupils which equals to£9050 for 2015/2016.

Purpose of Funding

At St Joseph's Catholic Primary we believe that all children who attend our school should receive a well-balanced curriculum which stimulates and promotes their academic, sporting, creative, artistic and social development.

St Joseph’s Catholic School will spend the funding on improving the provision of PE and school sport.

What is St Joseph's Catholic Primary doing to ensure effective PE and Sport in school?

  1. All children in year 4 receive up to 12 sessions of swimming lessons at our local swimming pool.  This year (with the PE and Sports funding) we have provided a swimming teacher to teacher the swimming sessions to our all classes in the school pool.
  2. We employ a P.E. Advisor to work alongside our teacher to train and develop their skills as teachers of Physical Education.
  3. Our school already offers a range of after school clubs, accessed by children from Key Stages one and two (please see After School club timetable on the website).  Some are club have an additional cost.
  4. We buy into the services of a School Sports Coordinator as a consortium.  Their role is to oversee competitions, to train staff and to lead subject leader meetings.
  5. Our children enter sports competitions with other schools in the collaborative.
  6. We hold an annual Sports day for the whole school.

How will St Joseph’s Catholic Primary be using the additional sports funding in 2015 / 2016?

Grant received - £9050

Total number of pupils on role


Summary of Grant spending 2014-15

Objective    To effectively use the Sports Grant to raise the profile and outcomes for children in PE, Sport and physical activity across school

Planned spending record 2015-16




1. To increase high quality PE teaching and learning throughout whole school.

Employ specialist PE teacher to work alongside teachers in lessons to increase their subject knowledge and confidence in PE

£7600, per annum

Training for PE coordinator -  P.E. conference


2. Evaluate different PE schemes of work and purchase one that best suits needs of our children

PE coordinator evaluates schemes of work and orders one that best suits our children. and setting.


3.  Increase physical activity at lunchtime

Play leader training for Y5 children to lead fitness and play activities every lunchtime and PE coordinator to lead this.


4. Increase participation in competitive sports. 

Ensure that we participate in the local competitions and non-competitive sports  opportunities through Hertford & Ware

Sports Partnership;

Netball tournament

Football tournament

Quick sticks Hockey

Cross country

Tennis Tournament

KS1 skills day


5. To increase swimming skills.

Employ a swimming teacher to support the learning of all classes.

Employ life guard


6. YST Primary Membership

Support and professional guidance



The grant of £9000 will be used to support the provision above.






This will be fully evaluated at the end of the academic year but early indications show and increase in teacher confidence and a more consistent delivery of PE provision in the school. Children are enthusiastic about PE lessons and are keen to represent the school in Hertford & Ware

Sports Partnership; Extra-curricular provision has been enhanced, and extended.