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There are lots of exciting clubs available for you at school. Your teacher will talk to you about all the clubs so that you can make a choice, and you may find the information here also useful. Speak to Mrs. Landers if you are interested in joining any of the clubs.


Spaces in each club are limited, so names will be drawn from a hat if a club  is over subscribed. All clubs with the exception of KS2 French and Musical Instrument Tuition are run by volunteers and may be cancelled at short notice.

We offer a range of lunchtime clubs available to different year groups;


Examples of club we offer

Liturgy - All children in the school are invited to join. This is run for four weeks before each liturgical event.

Peace and Justice -  run by Key Stage 2 children

Choir - run by Mrs Kee and is open to all KS2 children, we do expect them to attend for the whole year if they sign up.

Gardening - The children who are already attending this club are carrying on so that they can see the results of their labour.

Thursday Club -  Yr 6 pupils leading small group activities such as art, sport, knitting, poetry and story writing etc.  All reception and KS1 children are welcome.

Juggling Club - run by Mr Kendal for KS2.


Thank you to all our parent volunteers and if you have any skills you feel you can offer to our children please speak to Mrs Landers.

The following clubs are run by the children in year 6 , unless specified.

Musical Instrument Tuition

We offer guitar, flute, clarinet, trumpet and piano lessons which cost £58 per term.  If your child is interested in learning an instrument please let Mrs Landers know in writing.  To operate effectively we need groups of three or four pupils.


Sporting clubs

We offer various sporting activities after-school including football, tag rugby, netball, hockey, athletics and cross country.