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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Together we grow in God’s love, learning to be the best we can be.

Our School

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School,  Hertford, is a Voluntary Aided co-educational  School within the Diocese of Westminster. Our thriving community includes Junior, Infant and Nursery classes and a pre-school playgroup with premises in the grounds of the school.


Together we grow in God’s love, learning to be the best we can be.


The school has a excellent facilities including a large playing field, separate playgrounds for nursery, infant and junior children, an out door classroom and an open-air swimming pool. Through the good offices of the Friends of St Joseph (the PTA), many social and fund-raising events are held which help to provide extra equipment, materials and trips for the children in the school.

Our aims

We believe that the purpose of St Joseph's Catholic Primary school is to:


  • help pupils to live and learn in a Catholic Christian environment leading to acceptance and respect of others in a diverse school community and wider world.
  • provide an environment in which high expectations will lead to a striving for excellence in all areas of school life.
  • educate and develop each member of the school community by building on their strengths and supporting their weaknesses.
  • foster purposeful relationships with those who learn in, work in and visit our school where diverse views and backgrounds are respected.

A Catholic Education


The School owes its existence and special character to the fact that it was established by the Church to nurture Christ's kingdom in its children and through the nature of its teaching in all subjects, to bring them to a deeper knowledge of and belief in God and a commitment to Him.

Every child is of equal importance. Pupils are valued for what they are rather than what they can do and are given every opportunity for educational development to the highest level possible. All are equal in the sight of God.

The features of a Catholic community include as a first premise - "Prayer and worship threaded through its daily life"

Catholics believe that Religious Education is not one subject among many but the foundation for the entire educational process. The beliefs and values it communicates should inspire and unify every aspect of school life. It should provide the context for and substantially shape the school curriculum and offer living experience of the life of faith in its practical expression.

Religious Education is not only communicating knowledge - it is educating for a way of life which is Christ centred. It follows that daily collective worship has always been at the centre of school life. Traditional prayers and hymns are used as well as prayers written by the children.

The original (St. Mary's) School was opened in 1851 in the centre of Hertford, adjacent to the Parish Church of the Immaculate Conception and St. Joseph, St. John's Street. It was re-named St Joseph's and moved to its present site on the outskirts of Hertford with the building of 3 classrooms in 1959. The final buildings were completed in 1967. A new classroom was added in 1990.