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Who's Who

Meet the staff  at our school

Teaching Staff 2016/17

Mrs Fusi Executive Head Teacher
Mrs Linnane

Head of School

Mr Peters Assistant Head and Year 6 Teacher
Mrs Landers

Nursery Teacher

Miss Vivian

Reception Teacher

Miss Clark Year 1 Teacher
Miss McCarthy Year 2 Teacher
Mr Dove Year 3 Teacher
Miss House Year 4 Teacher
Mrs Kelly Year 5 Teacher
Mrs Johnson Cover
Mrs Micklethwaite Cover

Mrs de Silva-Power


Mr Holmes


Mrs Sergejev Cover
Mr Nesbitt-Larking MFL Teacher

Mr Loveridge

Mrs Brown 


Maternity leave 




Teaching Assistants

Mrs Selby & Mrs Preston Nursery Nurse & TA
Miss Climpson Teaching Assistant, Reception
Miss Burrows (am)  & Mrs Selby (pm) Teaching Assistants, Year 2
Mrs Wintz (am) & Mrs Bedford (pm) Teaching Assistants, Year 1
Mrs Lacey Teaching Assistant, Years 4 & 5
Mrs Fabri Teaching Assistant, Year  6
Miss Landers Teaching Assistant, Year 3

Office & Site Management

Mrs Vajda Secretary
Mrs Ferlisi Office Administrator
Mrs Lear Extended School Administrator
Mr Walker and Mr Savie Caroleo Site Manager

After School & Breakfast Club Staff

Mrs Kellatti  
Mrs Carroll  
Miss Hannon

Other School Staff

Mrs Cornford Midday Supervisor

Ms Ringrose

Mrs Francis Kitchen
Miss Bull Kitchen
Ms Hands Kitchen
Miss Temple, Mrs Holtby & Mrs Temple Cleaners

Mrs Val Johnson

Crossing Patrols


Plus many more volunteers and visiting specialists!


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