St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Together we grow in God's love, learning to be the best we can be.

School Dinner Menu

Summer Term Menu 2021

Summer Term 2021 Menu (Milk Free)

Summer Term 2021 Menu (Tomato Free)

To pay for your childs school dinners please log into the Caterlink website at



Caterlink Dinner Money for Years 3,4,5,6

Please note that you MUST have credit on your Caterlink account for your child to have school lunch. 

Parents will be asked to provide a home packed lunch if there is no credit on their child’s account.  Reminders are sent from Caterlink when the balance gets low.


Caterlink operate on a credit system and so dinner money must be paid in advance.  Payment should be made online via Caterlink (see the letter sent home to set up your child’s account).  Prices are: daily £2.35, weekly £11.75.  The office no longer accepts cash for lunches.