St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6.


Please find below information and materials on how you can support your child in preparation for SATs. 


Spag mat

Explanation of all the vocabulary and terminology your child needs to know for the test. We do use it in class too :)




Year 5 and 6 spelling list that the children will be tested on.


Year 3/4 spellings might come up too!


All the spellings your child learns in each year:


Glossary of terms for spelling


Information for parents about grammar and punctuation key terminology


How progress and attainment is measured



Maths: fractions


Maths topics to help revise and information for parents




Set on Thursday and due on Wednesday.


The homework is as follows:

TTRockstars: practice timetables. Children can practice fluency with all the timetables or set timetables by the teacher.


Mathletics:  The tasks set are linked to topic. Children need to go to Explore tab and choose place value topic for Autumn 1 half term. 


Reading: 20 minutes a day. Hard copy book. Children are allowed to borrow a book from class library to read at home. 



Spelling is given out (on Purplemash) every Thursday. Children are tested in class on Monday and then Friday. 


Occasionally, homework on Purple Mash will be set that is related to topic.