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Reading Challenge

St Joseph's Reading Challenge - Spring 2023


It's that time of year again when we challenge the children to read more!


Each year group has a list of recommended authors and/or suggested texts by that author. Each time your child reads a book they will record it and you will need to sign to verify that they have completed it.


They can read independently, read with you, be read to by you or even listen to an audio book.  When they have completed the reading challenge they will receive a certificate and we will have a celebration day on World Book Day which is on Thursday 2nd March 2023. 


The aim of the challenge is to get children reading more, but also for them to read different books: new authors, new genres and more challenging books. We have copies of many of the books in school, but this is also an excellent opportunity for you to take your child to the library. As a community we could help each other by sharing and donating books. 


Thank you for your support with this exciting challenge.


Ready, steady, READ!

Reading Challenge Update - Hertford Library

The librarians have been working hard to source as many of the books as possible. They are looking forward to helping to support the children to complete the reading challenge. They will also be able to guide the children towards other books by the same author, if your initial choice isn't available - this is a perfectly acceptable reading list alternative.


Book Share

If you have copies of any of the class reading list books at home and are happy to lend them to other children, please send them to the appropriate class teacher. If you write your child's name in the front they can be returned at the end of the reading challenge and they will be lent out to our keen readers.