St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Together we grow in God's love, learning to be the best we can be.


School uniform is important as it shows we all belong to one school. 

The Governing Body has determined the School Uniform to be worn by children attending St. Joseph's School and we expect this dress code to be adhered to. School uniform plays a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of our school and setting an appropriate tone.  We expect the uniform code to be adhered to as it can instil pride; support positive behaviour and discipline; ensure pupils of all races and backgrounds feel welcome; protect children from social pressures to dress in a particular way; and nurture cohesion and promote good relations between different groups of pupils.


Parents can purchase and order uniform directly from our new uniform supplier 'Kids Connection' who are based in Hertford.

Contact details:

Unit 1a, Great Northern Works, Hartham Lane, Hertford. SG14 1QW. Tel: 01992 587 466 • email: ,




Summer Uniform

Winter Uniform

PE/Forest school


Royal blue and white check dress (worn with white socks)


White polo shirt


Mid grey skirt/pinafore/school trousers/knee length shorts (no cargo shorts)


School sweatshirt or cardigan


Grey socks


School cap


Sensible plain black shoes (no sandals)



White polo shirt


Mid grey school trousers/ /skirt/pinafore


School sweatshirt or cardigan


Grey socks/grey tights


School hat


Sensible plain black shoes





St Joseph’s blue polo shirt


Navy blue shorts or skort


Plain navy blue tracksuit bottoms


School sweatshirt


White or grey socks




Wellie boots




Uniform - Nursery Class 


White polo shirt

Navy joggers or leggings.

School sweatshirt/cardigan





Swimming trunks (NOT shorts)


One piece swimming costume


Children must wear a swimming hat.



Jewellery must not be worn, with the exception of plain stud earrings.  Jewelled, looped or dangling

earrings are not allowed.  Unsuitable earrings in pierced ears can result in torn ears when caught in

clothing and can be dangerous during PE activities and in normal child play.  Children wearing studs will

be required to remove them or cover them with hypoallergenic tape during P.E. lessons. They must be

removed for all swimming activities. Children may wear a watch to school, but no smart watches are