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Year 4

Dear Parents, 


It was lovely to speak to many of you at meet the teacher.


Here are some links, websites and resources to support with home learning. If you have any further questions about ways to support your child at home, please let us know. 


Reading at home 


It can be difficult to find new and exciting texts to engage your children, especially if they are reading a lot at home. This website features many fantastic fiction and nonfiction books for you to try. The website also filters by topic and age.




I just wanted to clarify the difference between live mathletics and the tasks set by myself. Tasks are set regularly by a teacher and these link directly to class work. They should appear on your home page, like this: 

When these have been completed, your child can then access other games and activities. 'Explore' will list other activities, like the ones assigned to you. These may be things we have not yet covered in class. By clicking 'play' you will enter live mathletics, which is very fun, but may be less challenging.


Times tables 

This government link explains the times table check.


Times table rockstars is the best way to practice with your child. Here is some parent information about the different activities on the website: 



Here are some fun websites where you can practice some of the spelling patterns taught:


Practicing suffixes -ed, -ing, -er, -est, -y


Practicing suffixes -ment, -ness, -less, -ly, -ful


Practice for spelling contractions (won't, can't) and words with a possessive apostrophe