St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Together we grow in God's love, learning to be the best we can be.


Personal, Health and Social Education


This school has a programme of Education for Personal Relationships (including sex education) which is taught in every year in a developmental manner. The programme is based on the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church. This programme is seen as supporting the parents of our pupils in their fundamental role as the first educators of their children, especially in this area. Questions arise in a variety of topics. Teachers answer questions honestly, taking care that, especially in the case of younger children, answers are simple and straightforward and do not give rise to confusion or anxiety. The school’s PSHE policy contains the details of the specific content, organisation and approach taken in this school.


We aim to teach the children in Key Stage 1, to:
a. generate ideas by drawing on their own and other people's experiences
b. develop ideas by shaping materials and putting together components
c. talk about their ideas
d. plan by suggesting what to do next as their ideas develop
e. communicate their ideas using a variety of methods, including drawing and making models.

We aim to teach the children in Key Stage 2, to:
a. to talk and write about their opinions, and explain their views, on issues that affect themselves and society
b. to recognise their worth as individuals by identifying positive things about themselves and their achievements, seeing their mistakes, making amends and setting personal goals
c. to face new challenges positively by collecting information, looking for help, making responsible choices, and taking action
d. to recognise, as they approach puberty, how people's emotions change at that time and how to deal with their feelings towards themselves, their family and others in a positive way
e. about the range of jobs carried out by people they know, and to understand how they can develop skills to make their own contribution in the future
f. to look after their money and realise that future wants and needs may be met through saving.