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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Together we grow in God’s love, learning to be the best we can be.


The curriculum focuses on four areas of study:
  1. Scientific Enquiry
  2. Life processes and living things
  3. Materials and their properties
  4. Physical processes
Children are offered a planned, progressive range of scientific experiences, beginning with things familiar to them in everyday life.


Through teaching science we aim to:
  • Build on our children’s natural curiosity;
  • Know and understand the properties of materials, electricity, light, sound and natural forces.
  • Know and understand the physical processes which can change the properties of materials, electricity, light, sound and natural forces.
  • Know and understand the life processes of living things;
  • Stimulate them to investigate and question;
  • Develop scientific skills which include:
- observing, exploring and ordering;
- posing questions and devising experiments to answer these questions;
- use equipment, including computers, correctly to test out theories, record findings and analysis data
- Evaluate evidence and present their conclusions clearly and accurately.
- Interpreting findings critically
- Communicating findings.